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We invest in the breakthrough technologies that help humanity and nature thrive.

Accelerating the

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Our Industries

#1-ranked Best Sellers on Amazon and in big box retail.

Life-saving robots and interplanetary spacecraft.

Our team has built and scaled some of the world's most innovative technology.

What We Offer

From startups to mature businesses, we help inventors and companies achieve escape velocity.

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Robotics Engineers
Mechanical Engineer
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Bootstrapped garage startups and well-established companies alike can benefit from our outside-the-box investment offerings and strategies.

Design & Engineering

If you can draw it on a cocktail napkin, our world-class engineering team can bring it to reality. Bad ideas not only accepted, but encouraged.

Manufacturing &

Our LEAN manufacturing certified experts with decades of production experience ensure your product has the best margins without sacrificing quality.


Our branding and marketing experts combine decades of human experience with the latest artificial intelligence tools to turn obscure products into household names.

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Our Story

We're an eclectic group of technologists, serial entrepreneurs, engineers, neuroscientists, biologists, software developers, welders, machinists, marketers, pyromaniacs, and fun-loving nerds.


We've been tinkering with both clandestine and consumer technology since before anyone even knew what an AI was.

We've built businesses that have pushed the boundaries of science and technology by land, air, sea, and space. We've also created household gadgets that have won the hearts of millions.

Now it's time to focus on giving back by helping those who develop the technologies that will ensure the human species will not only survive, but thrive.

Let's build The Next Big Thing together.

We're Feeling the Love

“We could not have grown out of my basement to a leading supplier for a big box retailer without the Greemars team.”

Ciient Confidential,

New York

“You said yes after several dozen angel investors and venture capital firms said no. Thank you."

Ciient Confidential,


“Words cannot express my gratitude to your team of genuinely kind human beings. We can't wait to see what the future holds!" 

Client Confidential, California

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Have an idea for the Next Big Thing?

It's ok if it's still duct-taped together.
We'd love to learn more!

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